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Melton Mowbray Reiki Master

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means "universal life energy". It is a Japanese system of healing which promotes all aspects of well-being. Now available in Melton Mowbray.

Reiki is a form of healing touch that conducts energy from the giver to the receiver. It is a holistic therapy in that it works on the mind, body and spirit by stimulating the body's own natural healing capacity. It can be used alone or with other treatments to help restore physical and emotional balance in the body.

It is important to recognise that Reiki affects each person differently. Many physical problems are manifestations of emotional problems, Reiki works on the core of these problems and as such, those who come to Reiki may feel a great sense of emotional release. It is extremely relaxing and ideal for treating stress.

Unlike other therapeutic touch therapies, Reiki is a form of healing which involves the channelling of positive energy flow to the receiver through touch. This means that it is not easy to describe the physiological effects of treatment. However, it is still a profoundly powerful healing tool and its benefits are generally far reaching. Reiki is something which has to be experienced and is often impossible to describe clearly in words.


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Gift vouchers

You can now buy gift vouchers securely on line for your loved one. Just chose the type of treatment you want and click buy now button. You will be taken to a secure paypal site. Your gift voucher will be delivered by first class post. The person you give your gift voucher to may decide on a different treatment. This is no problem as vouchers may be exchanged at the time of appointment.

Loyalty cards

With your loyalty card you will automatically get your fifth visit absolutely free. That's right after 4 treatments you pay absolutely nothing for your next visit*. On your first visit you will be given a loyalty card on which we will keep a record of all the treatments you receive. Loyalty cards are available for Swedish Massage (all types), Aromatherapy Massage (all types), Hopi ear candle treatment and Reiki.